Allergy ID Bracelets Are Getting a Makeover

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It's very exciting when a customer calls and tells you how much they love your product. Especially when you are in start up mode, and that call confirms there is a person in the world at large who liked your product enough to buy it! At a store! But then, it gets even better when that same person is calling to offer you insight into a world you don't know enough about. For me that was the world of living with Anaphylaxis. And the more complex, is living with Anaphylaxis as a self conscious teenager (which is pretty much every teenager!).

One Toronto mom, Tricia, whose thirteen year old son Michael lives with an anaphylactic allergy, called me one day and asked if I could create a special tag for her son. He loved and regularly wears his RaDTaGZ (which he received as a holiday gift) but refuses to wear any awareness wearables to let others know about his anaphylaxis. "If there was tag, he would wear it. For him it could be a lifesaver. For me it's better than nothing at all" she shared. Without giving it much thought, I said no. I didn't think it would be enough to help a person having a reaction. My previous life as a camp director super sensitized me to anaphylaxis and the importance of time and knowledge of what is happening. But she persisted. If he wasn't wearing anything now, even a small identity piece would be better. It could just be the difference. So I softened my stance and did some outreach to communities of parents with teens living with anaphylaxis both in Canada and the US. I also spoke with many teens themselves. It was clear that Allergy Awareness and style had never met! This was clearly a problem, as many young people refuse to wear anything that allows for some awareness to their anaphylaxis in the case of an emergency. Tricia was right. Anything is better than nothing at all. In fact I posted a survey on a Facebook group for parents of teens living with anaphylaxis. Within 24 hours I had 50+ responses of which 90% agreed, we need something for teens to feel good wearing. And what really sealed the deal was a brave man who is teh father of a 17 year old boy, who died last year from an unattended anaphylactic reaction. He posted on that survey - ' if this had been around for my son, he might just still be alive.'


If these small and sleek tagz help just one person. If one parent feels more relaxed because their loved one has 'something' than we've done accomplished something amazing. And to help as many people as possible we are giving these away for FREE! Anyone who needs the allergy tag can get it FREE. By purchasing your RADTAGZ bracelet and adding the allergy tag to your cart - our store is set up to automatically remove the charge for the allergy tag. This kind of social good feels really damn good! It was a no brainer for us. Again, coming from the summer camp world, keeping people safe while they have fun and enjoy life is simply part of my DNA. Now I hope it can be a part of your much loved daily accessories!

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