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Mom Crusader Vol. 1

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I really couldn't think of another title for my first blog as a mom crusader.  I've always felt that simplicity wins! So welcome to Volume 1.

A crusader, by definition, is someone who campaigns for change.  In my case, its social change. And social change targeted at the mom market - as we are, after all, the primary purchasers for our households. I think of our purchasing power as a super power. A power that we can use to do a heck of a lot of good with. So I invite you, today, to join in my crusade. 

What exactly is this crusade?? The change I am advocating for, is that retailers should be creating charitable donations with every monetary transaction we give them, at no extra cost to you and me (a.k.a the loyal consumer).  It is the CitizenRad model, and I want others to follow our lead. 

As moms we care a great deal for the world our children will inherit. We are keen to do our part to make it better, to teach them empathy, to teach them philanthropy, to be role models. The decisions we make, why we make them and how we share them with our kids (and important part of the process for change) can in fact create a wave of conscientious for the next generation. 

Is it easy? Hello no!  What worth doing is ever easy!? Let's be real - we all like motivation and rewards. Its how we are wired as humans! So to make this happen, we need to want it, need it, or be unable to resist it!

We, moms that is, do the majority of shopping for our households. And when it comes to things we need for our kids, we do just about all of it.  And BAM! that is where we can  really have an influence.  That is where it becomes easier, rewarding, irresistible - if I dare say so. 

We buy stuff, lots of stuff, for our kids year after year. Stuff they actually need. Backpacks for school, birthday gifts for friends, loot bags, you get the picture.  Don't you think the stores you shop for these things should be saying thank you for every dollar you choose to spend in their store? 

The most gracious and impactful way for that thank you to resonate, is to be given in the form of a charitable donation. And you should not be asked to round up - or add to your bill to make it happen.  I say they should make it seamless and derive the donation from the purchases you make with them.   Committing at least 5% (I challenge them to commit 10% because I know it's possible!) of every dollar you spend to send to charity.

Is this crazy? Is it 'loco' to ask a retailer to give up some profit so that you can feel appreciated and charities or schools can be supported along the way?  Does this model have any potential? Bueller? Bueller?    

I say yes! Social good, charitable giving, and our human nature to consume do go hand in hand. Moms, unite, become a CitizenRad crusader and turn your purchasing power into a super power. 

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