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A RAD Story

Community. Belonging. Camaraderie. Identity.  Self Expression. 

For Robyn, that all happened at summer camp.  That's where her story starts. 

An avid camper, Robyn turned that rewarding experience into a career and started a summer camp with her husband in 2010. 

Fast forward to 2016, in search of camp swag that would build both the campers and staff experience, solidify their solidarity with camp, and recognize their camp spirit and participation, Robyn couldn't find any wearable items that could be personalized to reflect each individuals own camp experience.   

Not one to accept less than awesome, Robyn decided to design her own. Radtagz is the way Robyn put a physical piece to all those 'campy things' above.  But Radtagz goes way beyond summer camp.  

A wearable that can be used by schools and youth organizations, hospital foundations and universities, religious organizations and corporate CSR programs, golf tournaments and mud runs, RADTAGZ IS FOR EVERYONE.  

Everyone looking to build a community. A sense of belonging. Identity within a group.  Self Expression. Recognition. 


What's up with the name you ask?!

Robyn grew up in the 80’s.  Life was rad back then. And we are more than individuals, we are citizens of our world, supporting those who need our help. Citizen + Rad means improving our options for building communiy and making one of our fave pastimes, collecting, a truly rewarding experience for all.

There has never been a gender neutral wearable that allowed for personalization and recognition. Especially not a big scale and with options for all styles and ages. We said "there has to be a better option". 

So, here we are. Radtagz makes it easy to create a sense of belonging, community and camaraderie alongside an individuals personal identity. 

And that’s pretty RAD!