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We welcome inquiries from retailers across North America. Please fill in the form below and we will get back to you within two business days.

We are also excited to offer retailers the opportunity to create their own unique collections that more specifically speak to their customer demographic!

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Custom Product

Gender neutral, athletic, stylish, and appropriate for all agesRaDTaGZ is universa fashion product designed for youth who want to show they care.

Used for fundraising, school and team spirit wear,  reward and recognition programs,  a custom designed collection  unites your community and brings everyone together with one wearable.

If your goal is to create community, belonging, awareness, positive vibes and connected humanity – whatever the event or age demographic, RaDTaGZ is your wearable.

Our in house designers are excited to work with your team to brainstorm ideas on how to best represent your goals on a Tag. We work closely with you to ensure your end design exceeds your expectations. 

Custom orders carry a minimum quantity order of 150 pieces.

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